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Anyone who has ever been camped knows the problem: when tidying up the tent, the tent pegs are stuck in the ground. John Hermans from Eygelshoven, a village in the southern part of The Netherlands, has found a definitive solution for this: a system in which two tent pegs have been integrated into each other and are connected to each other using an ingenious hinge mechanism.

Since 1913, 97 patents have been registered at the patent center, which are based on the principle of getting the tent peg even more solid into the ground. When registering the idea of the so-called ‘Smart Tent Peg’, it soon became clear that John is the first to have developed a solution to quickly and easily remove tent pegs out of the ground.

The idea arose when he saw someone on television awkwardly and painstakingly pulled a tent peg out of the ground, which inspired John to further develop his idea. The ‘Smart Tent Peg’ can not only offers a solution to the older camper who experiences a great deal of difficulty in pulling tent pegs out. John’s tent peg also offers enormous opportunities for large organizations that use tents, such as the army, scouting and aid organizations that often have to build tents on a large scale in the event of a natural disaster or a massive refugee flow due to calamities or war situations.

The prototype of the ‘Smart Tent Peg’ has been extensively tested in John’s own backyard. For three months he has left the prototype of the ‘Smart Tent Peg’ in the ground, after which he effortlessly pulled the tent peg out of the ground without forcing the tent peg. The ‘Smart Tent Peg’ consists of two parts that have to be beaten together in the ground. When you pull with a hook on the inner part of the tent peg, it slides out of the ground, after which the second part can be pulled out of the ground effortlessly, in contrast to the traditional tent peg that stays firmly in the ground.